Morning Movement Series

Saturdays, 10:15-11:15a

Berkshire Yoga Dance & Fitness

Dec 9- Stefanie Weber, Contemporary Jazz Dance 

Dec 15- Kalei Carlson, Bodywork in Motion

Dec 22- Diane Firtell, Nia


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A weekly movement session exploring a myriad of techniques and flows with rotating instructors directed by artists Diane Firtell and Stefanie Weber.

Every Saturday morning for one hour we will present different ways to: approach movement, develop space body sensation, step into groove, experiment with phrasing and routine, enjoy dancing from within with others, and strengthen our community of passionate movers and dancers. All of this accompanied by inspired eclectic playlists!

We will draw from a local community of skilled instructors with established forms such as NIA, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Gyrotonic, Feldenkrais, Alexander, Tango, Ballet, Butoh, Contact Improv, Hip Hop, Continuum and more. We will invite emerging and seasoned instructors and experimenters who are looking to collaborate, innovate, share and support our growing alliance.

*Instructors and class focus will be announced weekly. Check back here weekly for instructor announcements. The schedule will be subject to change. Please inquire if you are interested in being a guest teacher one week. Go here for more information.



Dance Wednesdays

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Contact for more information or to RSVP

Drop-ins welcome

$15 per class

A dance class that you can depend on through at least the end of the year and longer… if we’re lucky. The class is titled Contemporary Jazz Dance, but as many of you know there are numerous vectors of dance meeting here in this space and I teach to who is in the room while maintaining an overarching vision of technique and artistry.

Contemporary Jazz Dance on Fridays

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At Lifeworks Studio

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Castle St, Great Barrington, MA.

Factory Secrets (revealed in 2012)

Factory Secrets from AUTO MOBILE BODY WORKS (Scene 1)
Creatures of Habitat Physical Poetry Public Performance Project

Vision, Direction, Body, Choreography, Production: Stefanie L. Weber
Editing: Michael Sinopoli/ Greylock Productions
Music: Secrets by Electric Soft Parade

*This piece is one of 4 and was created solely for large-scale outdoor projection on structures.

Special thanks to: Thomas White/Electric Soft Parade, Kinesphere Movement Arts Studio in Lee, MA, Greylock Productions, The Pittsfield Cultural Council, Shira Lynn Wohlberg and Rachael Schwartz