Body in Focus: Exhibition of Videodance


Stefanie Weber’s Creatures of Habitat Physical Poetry Public Performance Project announces screening of two short films, Factory Secrets and Release Me, But Don’t Let Go, from Auto Mobile Body Works at the 1st International Exhibition of Videodance in Porto, Portugal on May 1st 2015 at 4p.  The screening is part of the 17th NORTE Festival de Dança.

Factory Secrets explores the depth of expressions inherent and ignored in the often limited view of the female body as presented often as un-moving two-dimensional commodity or  sexualized object via misogynist or pornographic juxtaposition-ing. The female body moving here tells a story of resistance, empathy, grief, and self-realization. It illuminates the natural beauty and emotion that movement exhibits.

Release Me, But Don’t Let Go, utilizes a pair of moving female legs/feet in various associations with gravity and space to tell the ancient stories of longing, conflict, jubilance, harmony, death and rebirth while in relationship to other.

Release Me, But Don't Let Go, Easthampton, MA. 2014.  photo by Monika Pizzichemi

Release Me, But Don’t Let Go, Easthampton, MA. 2014.
photo by Monika Pizzichemi

This is the first time the films will be screened indoors for a seated audience. The films were originally designed to be projected onto outdoor surfaces for passer-bys or as part of the entire live performance production of Auto Mobile Body Works.

Film credits include camera, direction and production by Stefanie Weber, editing and additional production support by Michael Sinopoli of Greylock Productions in Lee, MA and music by Thomas White/Electric Soft Parade in Brighton, England.

Factory Secrets, 14th St, NYC. photo by Diane Firtell 2014.

Factory Secrets, 14th St, NYC. photo by Diane Firtell 2014.

Spring Slideshow and Potluck

Come out from your winter hibernations and view the newest images and videos, and hear stories and updates from our most recent residency in Nairobi, Kenya in January of this year.

$5-10 suggested donation for public attendance at 7p. All proceeds go to the continuation of They Dance For Rain.

Monika’s prints and local jewelry and artifacts from Kenya will be available to purchase to support the project. 

Come at 6p for a Spring potluck dining with other TD4R supporters. Bring something edible or potable to share. (Please contact if you are planning on coming and bringing something to share.)

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of our new and returning supporters!!

The January 2015 Company: Stefanie Weber, Monika Pizzichemi and JoJo McDonald

poster designed by Diane Firtell. photo by Monika Pizzichemi.

poster designed by Diane Firtell. photo by Monika Pizzichemi.

New shoes, new moves.

New shoes, new moves. Shangilia, January 2015

New shoes, new moves. Shangilia, January 2015


IMG_5208 small

They Dance For Rain with Banjuka January 2015

Mwalimu at GoDown

photo©Monika Pizzichemi 2015

photo©Monika Pizzichemi 2015

Money is like manure

They Dance For Rain: Money, money, money from Stefanie Lynx Weber on Vimeo.

Stefanie Weber and Jojo McDonald tap dance for rain (money, money, money). We seek the humble investment of our community for our January 2015 residency in Nairobi, Kenya and for sustaining our visionary project, They Dance For Rain.

Conversation includes project photographer Monika Pizzichemi.
Background music: The O'Jays, For The Love Of Money
Camera + Money throwing: Monika Pizzichemi
Intro Choreographic footnotes: Levaughn Robinson

Thank you Barbara Bonner for your book "Inspiring Generosity"

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The DanceMakers© Podcast premiere episode!

It’s finally here!

The premiere episode of the DanceMakers© podcast.


Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 10.45.30 AM


Listen to my conversation with Nairobi Dance Ensemble choreographer, Susan Ateyu and her partner drummer/percussionist Kaboge Chagala recorded in their home in Nairobi, Kenya on January 23, 2014. This episode is produced in part by THEY DANCE FOR RAIN, a dance-making project in Nairobi, Kenya.


Go to the podcast page to learn more about my intentions to utilize it to unify through dialogue and conversation and to celebrate the creative process in all of its mystery and wonder.