BYDF MMS Guest Instructor 2017-18


Dear Berkshire-based Movement/Dance Artists and Educators,

We had an idea; to create a consistent time and space that offers a wild diversity of movement to the community while supporting the needs of local artist and educators who work in the mediums of dance and movement.

This is how we are going to start and we invite you to be a part of the experience!

 Morning Movement Series

with rotating instructors

Berkshire Yoga Dance & Fitness

55 North St, suite 201

Pittsfield MA 

Saturdays 10:15-11:15

 A weekly movement session exploring a myriad of techniques and flows with rotating instructors. Conceived of and led by artists Diane Firtell and Stefanie Weber.

 Every Saturday morning for one hour we will present different ways to: approach movement, develop space body sensation, step into groove, experiment with phrasing and routine, enjoy dancing from within with others, and strengthen our community of passionate movers and dancers. All of this accompanied by inspired eclectic playlists! 

 We will draw from a local community of skilled instructors with established forms such as Nia, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Gyrotonic, Feldenkrais, Alexander, Tango, Ballet, Butoh, Contact Improv, Hip Hop, Continuum and more. Together we will support a growing regional alliance by inviting emerging and seasoned instructors and experimenters who are looking to collaborate, innovate, and share.

 Here are the details:

Studio: If you are not familiar with BYD&F it is a large, beautiful space with wooden floors, a wall of windows, a wall of mirrors. Space includes: sound system with cable for device playback, back jack floor chairs, blankets, some mats, a movable ballet barre, and a water cooler.

Promotion: This series is being promoted by Berkshire Yoga Dance & Fitness, on their website on FB and in e-blasts, along with flyers posted locally. We personally will reach out to our base weekly to promote each individual instructor and each week (on the website and FB page) the special movement offering will be listed. Each instructor can also benefit from reaching out to spread the word.

Rental: Our rental to the studio is $120 per month. Your investment is $30 per session. We do not profit from your class.

Scheduling: We’d like to schedule at least a month in advance when possible.

Reciprocity: You can attend one class at no cost for each class you teach.

NOTE: You may notice that we have not included yoga in the list of forms we will draw from. This is on purpose. We are looking to diversify the movement offerings in the community.

More detailed information about studio entrance, set up, payment etc. will be forwarded once you commit to a date(s).

We are excited to envision a creative collective and hope you will be part of it. Please feel free to ask any questions, add comments, or offer ideas.

Stefanie Weber & Diane Firtell