December 5th Jazz Dance


Dance artist Stefanie Weber will deliver a soulful menu of -what are now- classic Jazz dance techniques: isolations, hinges, footwork, and moving phrases. Experience a seamless blend of detailed choreography and freestyle movement that feels both invigorating and at times effortless. While combining fluidity and grace with bold accents and style, this class is for those that have something to express from deep within their bones.

Musical accompaniments will range from Billie Holiday to PJ Harvey, John Lee Hooker to The White Stripes, Duke Ellington to Michael Jackson. Wear Jazz shoes, sneakers, or go barefoot. It’s up to you, just be prepared to strut, spin and slink.

Stefanie Weber has been studying movement, making dances and performing since childhood. Her passion for dancing has taken her throughout the US, to Canada, Cuba, Spain, and Kenya and always back to her native Pittsfield. She brings a wealth of dance experience in many forms including: Traditional and Modern Jazz, Rhythm Tap, Ballet, Modern, Afro-Cuban, West African, Middle Eastern and Somatic forms such as Butoh, Continuum and Gyrotonic.

Class cost is the usual $10 for this one-time special event.

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