Novena 2010

“Stefanie is one of the most innovative dancers to come around in a long time. Her talent is endless and always leaves you wanting more.” -Elena Mosley, Director, Operation Unite Education and Cultural Arts Center, Hudson, NY.  Artistic Director of Kuumba Dance and Drum

“The party was such a hoot. Holy crap! Thanks for answering our call to duty and your beautiful touch and amazing ideas. It was all a bit of a reach but in the end it was a delightful, tender, earnest, high impact, shambolic, graceful expression of who Blue Q is and the guys loved it.”  -Mitch Nash, Blue Q

“I saw Sundays performance of CATA and was so impressed. You, among others, did a magnificent job. You are one talented woman with a gift for teaching. You brought a lot of pleasure to the audience and I’m sure to the performers as well. I never really knew much about your work and I’m so happy that now I do.” -Paul Graubard, painter

“I thought you did a fabulous job and thanks for trying all new stuff. Stef, you got about 20 different tones on my tap board during your improv. That was awesome. I moved my floor back in the house today and there was only one tiny spot on the corner that wasn’t black from all the tap shoe gunk. I think that means you guys hit hard and well.” -Paul Arslanian, Jazz Composer and Pianist, Northampton, MA

We loved having you and all the dancers! Not sure, but it might be the first time we had glowing orbs and Barbie Dolls on stage at the Hall??? Somewhere Susan B Anthony (bless her, she spoke at Hubbard Hall back in the day) must be pleased. THANK YOU!” -Hubbard Hall, Cambridge, NY

“A patient, inventive teacher, who takes the time to nurture students of all abilities…it is a joy to witness people hearing their dancing!” -Dawn Lane, Choreographer/Artistic Director, Community Access to the Arts, Great Barrington, MA

“…in the Gyrotonic sessions I have become ever more aware of your deep understanding of the dynamics of movement and your ability to show what you teach by the way you can move. It is fascinating….I hold what you do in very high regard.  You are as talented a mover I have ever known.  I cannot say enough. You are brilliant. You are talented. And you do what you do with much care and an open heart.” Dana Bixby, Architect, West Stockbridge, MA

“I took tap classes hoping to explore a new interest.   Learning to tap with Stefanie Weber has turned into a much more enriching experience.  As a teacher, she has taught me that tap dancing is much more than my feet meeting the floor and making noises.  Her style of instruction has allowed dance to be a whole body experience.   I have learned to feel, see, hear, play with, and explore a personal freedom around music and dancing, using my body as my instrument.” -Rhonda, Pittsfield, MA.

“I have never found another tap teacher like Stefanie. Stefanie does not dance or teach about how to move your feet…. She teaches with her whole body, her heart, and her mind, so that her student is not an automaton, but a person full of heart, who knows how to express herself in joyful movement, and who is inspired to work hard to learn the technique required to support that self-expression. You will never forget her.” Evelyn, Amherst, MA.

“The tap [class] is fabulous.” -Dorothy French, Lee, MA

“I’m soooo happy I was able to change my plans and get to the concert Friday. It was wonderful on so many levels… You & Rose looked great, sounded great, and spread such a delightful spirit. I especially liked your improv with Dave. I love the different sounds you pull from your shoes– the scrapes and slides, and there was one stomp that was impossibly loud. Oh and your drumming and spinning was such a treat!  Please, Stef, invite me to your next local concert…”  –Lola, Northampton, MA.

“Oh, Stefanie, the experience was fantastic. Congratulations. You blew me away. The video was haunting and riveting and sexy and true. All night I hummed/sang the two phrases.  The night, the moon, the projection, the parking lot. Very cool. And the car wash. You did it! The face gear was a riot and your intertwining dance moves were great. I loved the attitude projected through the change in poses. And the headlight? tit cups were a scream. You are truly an artist. What creativity. You opened my mind and heart. Gracias, Mujer.” –Joan, Stockbridge, MA

“…it is an enjoyable experience to work with you.  There is no doubt you are doing what you are meant to be doing.” – Dawn Meltzer, Pittsfield, MA

“Attending one of Stefanie Weber’s performances is more than just simply being a witness, it is something one enters into, experiences, participates in and essentially incorporates into their day.  I was moved by the adventure of the evening, travelling to four different locations to receive each section of the piece. I thought the video used in part’s one and three revealed Stefanie’s relationship to her mediums of body expression, video and music in a unique and artistic manner. During the live movement part’s of the piece I literally felt transported to another planet populated by strange, machine-beings and a big, giant space ship (the car.) I really felt deeply moved by Stefanie’s continual pushing of the boundaries involving herself and her art. Stefanie is a unique and important artistic voice in this community, and I look forward to her future work. I am a big fan.”  –Ellen Mary Hayes, Northampton, MA


Oschun Exuvia 2004 (photo credit Monika Pizzichemi 2009)