Two White Girls & The Backbeat

photo by Diane Firtell ©2014

photo by Diane Firtell ©2014

 Riding the waves of a spacious backbeat Robin O’Herin and Stefanie Weber are two women who’ve paid their dues.

O’Herin’s pounding Delta beat is the motor that drives this rhythmic conversation forward.  Weber’s intense and intricate variety of tap dance sounds takes the conversation deeper.

Experience the boundless landscape of the Blues through the intersection of these two American art forms.

“We loved the Tap & Blues performance last weekend. It’s a powerful combination we’d never heard before.”  -Gwen, Arlington MA Fan, 2015

“Stefanie & Robin captured everyone’s attention and had us up on our feet. The collaboration of tap dance and blues music was amazing! Stefanie’s ability to interact with the audience was a welcomed feature.”    -Elena Mosley, presenter, Hudson, NY 2015


Photo by Leo Mazzeo ©2012