Movement Supplements

•a lovely way to start the day•   •this was so opening for me•   •the active imagination helps• 

•this felt so good and expansive in my body•


•it’s very helpful you are doing these consistently • it helps give my day some structure • I know I can look forward to something quiet and consistent • it’s helpful to get reconnected with my body this way I am really glad you set it up the way you did so people [don’t have to] talk or be seen • so many tech things are too distracting and tiring • 

Movement Supplement Schedule June 29th-July 5th
Monday June 29th
Tuesday June 30th
Wednesday July 1st
one hour session
camera and audio ON for intro and outro
link will be sent just before session
Thursday July 2nd
Friday July 3rd
pre-recorded sessions 
access for 24hrs
password: 15movement20
Saturday July 4th (Independence Day)
Sunday July 5th (Full Moon)
15-min session followed by 45-min psoas support session
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Worth Mentioning
On Friday July 3rd I will be taking part in Jesse Tobin-McCauley’s DRIVE WALK BIKE BY City Art Show taking place in the front yards of particular residents throughout Pittsfield. I will be on Tap at 4 Marian Ave with Mike Fahn on Trombone and guest Tap Dancer Jojo McDonald. The floor is open. Get in touch if you’d like to come by and make some music with us. The event is 4-9. We will be on the floor for a part of that. Throw me a reply later this week if you want to know the time. ALSO frequent Movement Supplement partaker, artist Diane Firtell, will be utilizing my father’s infamous fence to display her beautiful visual art work along the Holmes Rd side of the property.  Come on by. Bring a chair and a snack and hang with us outside in the covid-less air. We’ll keep our distance. 😉
On Monday morning 10aEST/5pEAT, one of our They Dance For Rain project partners in Kenya, Stacey Achieng, will be teaching an online Tap dance class for the Dance Life Festival in Nairobi at the Goethe Center. The performance group, Tapa Tapa, that she leads along with dancers Vincent Muthini, Kenaniah Ngea, and Bruce Ngaliuka will be featured at the festival on July 7th. We are so very happy to see them REPRESENT and nurture themselves and the community with art during this especially challenging time. (See attached posters.)
For more information about They Dance For Rain or to support the project visit or contact Stefanie. 
Shine on!
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All Are Welcome!